For the first time in Bulgaria, we introduce to you the platform Mywellness, created and developed by TechnoGym.
Mywellness is the first open-platform in this line of business, based on cloud technology, which allows its members to have full access to their data regarding physical exercise and lifestyle anywhere and at any time. The users can easily share personal data regarding their physical activity and health from their favourite applications.

Thanks to the personal lifestyle coaching system, users can stay in touch with their fitness instructors even when they are far away from the gym.
The users also receive personalised teaching plans, multimedia entertainment, while they workout and get motivated with the help of their fitness instructors, no matter their whereabouts.
There are a few ways for you to set up your account:

1) At home:

You can create an account at and follow the instructions.

2) At the gym:

You can create a profile by following the instructions on the cardio machines.

After you have set your profile, you can log into a machine in 2 ways; email address and password or with the help of a QR scanner.

You can download the Mywellness application on your Android or iOS smartphone device, and use the application to register an activity and access the machines.

Mywellness also supports fitness applications such as Mapmyfitness and Run Keeper, which means that if you are outside you can automatically synchronise your activity using your Mywelness profile.

You can also add exercises on different machines (such as the leg press, 10 repetitions, 2 sets)