Aikido is not only a method for self-defense, but also a method for physical and spiritual self-perfection. It consists of a wide range of techniques using bare hands, as well as weapons. Aikido is a Japanese martial art, not a sport. There are no competitions because there are no opponents. The purpose is to become good at it technically, but the real aim is to Be Good – to achieve harmony. That is why in Aikido there is no resistance, no attack, no hurting, and no competition.

Aikido Schedule

Monday / Wednesday / Friday - Summer 2018

- 3:30 pm with Petar Petrushev  (children and adults)

- 6:30 pm with Luciana Yamada



- 4:30 pm with Petar Petrushev  (children and adults)


Single Visit Aikido
30 days card + 24 hours parking (adults and kids)
50 BGN