Therapeutic exercises for spine and joints

Therapeutic exercises for spine and joints under the Norbekov System is one of the ways you go to get rid of your illnesses.
It is known that each year the condition of the spine is getting worse, and that's what started the physical aging. Therefore, restoring the flexibility of the spine and joints is a matter of paramount importance.
Exercises for the spine and limbs are part of Norbekov's recovery system and have positive effects not only on the locomotory system but on the whole body, including the internal organs, the endocrine system and the nervous system.
This is a set of exercises that strengthens the spine, moves joints and improves overall health. Through the regular performance of exercises with positive emotional adjustment, the tone of the whole organism increases and a tide of life force is felt.
Norbekova's gymnastics perfectly suits both adults and children.
The flexibility and well-being of the spine can be restored at any age. Of course, this is important for your desire and hard work on yourself. Only then can you rely on full recovery



Single visit Steel Tonic* 7 BGN

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* You have to leave 10 BGN deposit for the access card, which is returned when you give back the card after the training.
** 10 BGN deposit is required for the access card  for first subscription - it is returned if you decide not to renew your subscription and return the card.