Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

A new doctor’s office for physical and rehabilitation medicine was opened recently. The physician, Dr. Todor Iliev has specialized in Physical and Rehabilitation medicine. He has 10 years of experience in treating patients with natural and performative physical methods as well as by means of passive and active kinesis therapy. Dr. Iliev has qualifications for applying laser therapy, electrical diagnostics and electric stimulations, elastic resistance, proprioceptive training and myofascial release relaxation.

The doctor’s office is equipped with high technology equipment produced by Zimmer MedizinSysteme.

Types of therapy:

In his wish to treat his patients in the most effective way, Dr. Iliev combines ancient east medicine with latest high-tech equipment. He is qualified for 1st level Reiki Therapy. His aim it to treat not only the body, but the spirit as well.
For more information and for getting an appointment, please call 0899226602.


TEKAR Therapy

This applies high frequency electricity in precise locations. It passes through the skin without losing energy and becomes heat in the underlying tissue. The uniqueness of this equipment is that it can be combined with manual techniques as well as passive and active movements on the part of the therapist and patient. The equipment is applied to conditions related to the skeletomuscular system, the peripheral nervous systems, sports traumas and post-operative recuperation.

The high intensity laser therapy

Effective for conditions associated with the skeletomuscular system, tendinopathy, myofascial syndrome, neuralgia, and skin diseases. The advantages of laser therapy are high efficiency for a short time. It is precise in the localization of pain. The effect is fast and enduring. Bio stimulation and tissue regeneration of the whole body are additional advantages.

Shock wave therapy (SWT)

The device generates shock waves directly on the traumatized area. The effects of the Shock Wave Therapy are: increase of local metabolic activity, reabsorption of the calcification of the tendons, stimulation of natural healing processes of the tissues, improvement of microcirculation, reducing increased muscle tonus. SWT may be applied on muscle, tendon, bone and joint traumas.

Low and medium frequency electric current


Ultrasound therapy