Steel Tonic

Steel TONIC – highly intensive group activity for the whole body. The class is build on special music and we work with dumbells or discs, step platform for more intensive movements. Each training affects the whole body with an accent to the problematic parts.
You will part with the bad mood and will leave the hall energized and with a smile!
You need to have comfortable sport clothes, clean sport shoes and a bottle of water.

There will be NO Steel Tonic from 29.05. to 05.06.  because the instructor will be at Rimini Wellness.



Single visit Steel Tonic* 7 BGN
Group Activities for 15 days + 20 hours parking** 40 BGN
Group Activities for 30 days + 40 hours parking** 60 BGN

Package **
1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
Fitness & Group Activities
BGN 70
BGN 190
BGN 360
BGN 670
Fitness, Spa & Group Activities BGN 100 BGN 270 BGN 510 BGN 960
(Fitness, Spa, Pool, Group Activities, Parking)

BGN 1500
Parking included
50 hours 150 hours 300 hours
600 hours

* You have to leave 10 BGN deposit for the access card, which is returned when you give back the card after the training.
** 10 BGN deposit is required for the access card  for first subscription - it is returned if you decide not to renew your subscription and return the card.