The hammam is the next place to go to where, on a heated marble massage table, under the skilled hands of therapists, you can relax and free your skin from dead cells and toxins, with the traditional Oriental peeling procedure Kese. If your stay on the warm table is not enough, you can continue with another Turkish procedure – foam massage. The steam with aroma of herbs assists the recovery processes of the body, and the warmth of the bed relieves the muscles and the mind.
In the Turkish bath you can also have a body peeling, with different types of body scrub – with finer or larger particles made of sea salt or sugar. After the exfoliation of dead skin cells, the skin stays silky smooth and soft, and the procedure may end with the application of a moisturizing body lotion with rose water or with natural bio-oil and a massage.
Chocolate therapy has become a mandatory procedure for every spa center, and the achieved effects with it are numerous, but the pleasure of being immersed in the cocoa temptation is in the first place. The procedure is done with cacao extract and the goal is to help the skin to look young and in perfect condition. Cacao has properties which slow down the aging of the skin. The chocolate massage stimulates endorphin production - "the happiness hormone".
Bulgaria is rich in wellsprings and mud, so we offer a special mud therapy in which different types of mud are mixed; it has proved its healing effects not only on the musculoskeletal system, but also as indispensable beauty procedure that tightens the skin, evens the skin color and removes fatigue.

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Spa Etiquette

General Information

The Spa Centre is a place for relaxation and tranquility.  Respect the silence and privacy of our other guests by talking in a low tone and enjoy the silence.
Requirements when entering the Spa Centre:
• Wear clean flip-flops;
• Bring towels when using the pools;
• Use swimming cap for all the pools;
• Entering with glass, alcohol, coffee, tea and food is prohibited;
• Entering the Spa Centre with oils, coffee, cosmetic products and honey is prohibited.
You can buy swimming caps, flip-flops and goggles at the reception if you do not have any with you.


Make your reservation in advance, to make sure that the therapy and the therapist you want will be available.
Consulting with the employee at the reception will help you choose the best therapy for you.

Canceling reservations

If you have to postpone, change your reservation or cancel it, please inform the staff in advance.
It does matter to us!
The therapies you choose are reserved only for you. For therapy cancelled 2 hours before it begins you don’t not pay penalty.
When cancelling therapy prior to the procedure you have to pay penalty of 30 BGN.

Duration of Therapies
We recommend you to be 5 minutes earlier at the reception. Being late will reduce the efficiency of the procedure and your pleasure. Your procedure will end in time without making the next client wait.

Prices of Therapies
Every therapy‘s price is in BGN for a person, including taxes.

Personal preferences
Do not be afraid to tell your therapist if the pressure is too weak or too strong. Tell your preferences and ask questions about what you are interested in. Do not hesitate to participate in your choice of a therapist when you make a reservation to express your preference.

Package services

PackagePeriod1 month3 months6 months1 year
Spa 07:00 am - 4:00 pm
40 BGN
110 BGN
220 BGN
400 BGN
Full day
50 BGN
140 BGN
260 BGN
500 BGN
Fitness & Spa
07:00 am - 4:00 pm 60 BGN
160 BGN
300 BGN
500 BGN
Full day
70 BGN
190 BGN
350 BGN
600 BGN
(Fitness & Spa)
Full Day
180 BGN
520 BGN
970 BGN
1300 BGN
(Fitness, Spa, Pool, Group Activities & Parking)

1500 BGN
Pool & Spa 7:00am - 4:00pm 120 BGN 320 BGN
610 BGN
990 BGN
Full Day
160 BGN
430 BGN
860 BGN
1150 BGN
Pool, Spa & Group activities
Full Day 100 BGN 270 BGN
510 BGN
960 BGN
One-time Deposit for membership* 10 BGN
Parking Included

50 hours150 hours300 hours600 hours


* 10 BGN deposit for access card when you subscribe for the first time - it will be returned, if you decide not to renew your subsription  and return your access card.

Single Visits

  • Single visit (includes Gym, Spa & Pool) - 25 BGN
  • Up to 3-years-old  - Free of charge
  • Children between 3 and 14 years - 6 BGN
  • Single visit to the Spa center - 15 BGN

Other Services

  • Towel Rent - 2 BGN
  • Hourly parking – 2 BGN per hour
  • Use of the playground – 3 BGN per hour