Past Events

28.06.2018 Ensemble Alexandrov

14-15.04.18г. Europe Grand Dance Cup - Plovdiv Open

31.03.2018г. FSB

21.02.2018 Lili Ivanova Concert

Plovdiv was the first stop of Lili Ivanova's tour 2018 and the tickets were sold for 20 days! The hall was full, the emotion - inbelievable, and for us was an honour that she chose Complex S.I.²L.A. After the concert was over, the public encored Lili Ivanova and she and her musicians did a proffesional and unique  performance of "Camino"

16-17.12.2017 Tania Spirit Aerofest

Days with group activities in honour of Tania Lulcheva



15.12.2017 "Nyama takova Show" - Dance show by Neshka Robeva


02-03.12.2017 Tennis tournament “ASICS OPEN” (men - couples)


27.11.2017 South Korea Taekuondo Demonstrative Team Sports Show


11.11.2017 Ahat & Joe Lynn Turner

Photos: Darina's FocuS


Photos: AHAT